Why should I invest in ESG?

By implementing sustainable policies, you’ll be contributing to a better tomorrow for all, while also bettering your company today. In the modern world, businesses that put ESG priorities first are primed to succeed. Sustainability brings lowered costs, increased efficiency, improved brand reputation and expanded markets to businesses in all industries. OWS believes that ESG principles are more than socially conscious: they are good business, and we are here to help you realize that potential now.

Efficient operations. Minimized costs. New markets. In the modern world, ESG policies are more than socially conscious; they’re just good business.

You need governance that takes ACTIONS!

What does

stand for?

Revenue Statistics

OWS understands that any successful company needs a strong governance system. That’s why we stand ready to help you create an innovative and efficient management structure that works for all stakeholders. We understand the difficulty that changing economic winds can bring, and are committed to helping you weather hardship without compromising your environmental and social ideals. By prioritizing transparency, strategic thinking, and accountability, our experts will ensure that your company is well-positioned to achieve its sustainability goals, while becoming increasingly prepared to navigate everyday market challenges.

Let’s start by taking a look at some important statistics, then other critical factors as to why you should strongly consider getting started now. 

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43% of business leaders say:
prospective revenue growth is their chief reason for embracing ESG policies
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3-6% Annually
Companies who prioritize ESG lead their less invested competitors in market performance by 3-6% annually
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Sustainable Policies
can bring revenue increases of up to 20%
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66% of consumers
are more inclined to purchase products that better the world
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Diverse companies
possess profit margins 30% higher on average than competitors

Cost Reduction:

By examining waste production, energy use, and more, OWS’ holistic appraisal methods identify inefficiency in your business and root it out. Not only does this reduce emissions, it cuts your operating costs, leading to a more streamlined organization. And there are undeniable results, too: adopting this long-term, proactive approach to environmental and social issues can induce up to a 47% increase in revenue.

Attracting Investment:

Our consulting services help you demonstrate to investors your commitment to sustainability. Given that 85% of institutional investors take into account sustainability performance in decision-making, while 61% see ESG factors as a hallmark of corporate ethics, a strong track record makes your company stand out, resulting in increased investment. In addition, you’ll have access to a new market: those concerned about the environment, and looking for organizations that match their values.

Building Workplace Satisfaction:

71% of young workers say that they prefer to have an employer who works for a better world in line with their own views. By prioritizing sustainability, you can attract the many talented applicants looking for meaningful careers, while raising the satisfaction of those already in your service. This amounts to more than just a good deed: the top fifth of companies in employee engagement have a 60% lower turnover rate, with absenteeism plummeting by over 40% on average. As for profits? Three-year revenue growth is 5% higher among employers with satisfied workers.


Here at OWS, we never forget the “S” in ESG, because we know that a more inclusive workforce up and down the corporate ladder results in an effective company. More diverse management teams bring on average 28% higher revenues than more monolithic ones, while increased gender diversity can result in annual growth of 2% more than less inclusive competitors and a 3% advantage in EBITDA profit margins. In creating an equitable company, OWS is here to help you make choices that are both morally right and economically smart.

By partnering with OWS and prioritizing ESG, you can unlock the numerous benefits of sustainable business practices. Our experts will guide you in implementing a comprehensive ESG framework tailored to your company’s unique needs. Together, we will help you achieve your sustainability goals, navigate market challenges, and secure a brighter future for your business. Don’t wait any longer – take action now and join the movement towards ESG excellence with OWS.

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